Watsu is an extremely gentle form of therapeutic massage conducted in warm water. It is a passive form of Shiatsu, Hydrotherapy and yoga and combines elements of massage, joint mobilization, muscle stretching & dance. Watsu helps increase range of motion and has profound effects of the neuromuscular system. It also soothes the sympathetic and enhances the parasympathetic nervous system. In a session you will experience a uniquely nurturing combination of massage, youga like stretches and point work carried out in skin temperature water. This includes a state of deep relaxation, encouraging the release of stress and tensions unparalleled by any other method. The benefits include gentle yet deep stretching into all ranges of the spine & extremities. The receiver is continuously supported by the therapist and while being floated, rocked and stretched a range of emotions can arise and will be released in the process. Watsu quietens the mind relaxes the body and opens the heart. You leave the session able to face life out of the water, reprogrammed and with greater equanimity and flexibility. *The diameter of the pool must be at least 3.50m x 3.50m and an average depth of 1.10 meters.