Diving Therapy

Fulfill your dreams and experience a sociable or a private dive in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

We love to dive because our passion for the sea exceeds our expectations every time.

Massage therapy and diving have a lot in common. They both offer a great way to relax and heal the body. Combining these two different therapies is now the best way to promote healing and create balance to your body.

Water is a great stress reliever and going diving can help you release tension. It works on your emotional stress by promoting happiness and allows you to go to an environment that is silent and calming. Immersing your body in water, lowers your heart rate, the blood pressure automatically goes down and you connect to your breathing.

At our diving center we are able to infuse the dive with serenity even for people that are not at ease in the water. We take you to see all the magnificent pristine spots. We are very respectful of nature and the utmost importance for us is the care of the environment. In addition to scuba diving, we developed the first interactive underwater trail in Santorini with explanation of the geological and biodiversity uniqueness of our island.

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